Anonymous NBA Scout Says He Would Not Give Up Tyler Herro For Bradley Beal

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Anonymous NBA Scout Says He Would Not Give Up Tyler Herro For Bradley Beal


Tyler Herro distinguishes himself as one of the premiere shooting guards in the NBA, averaging 20.0 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game on 42.7% shooting from the field. 

His improved level of play has helped the Miami Heat turn the corner this season following a disappointing campaign last year. Through All-Star break, the Heat now sit atop of the Eastern Conference with a 38-21 record.

Herro has done enough to warrant him quite an attention including a Sixth Man of the Year consideration. However, one anonymous NBA scout believes Herro is more than a sixth man, calling him an All-Star level player.

Per the Miami Herald:


“He got screwed out of the All-Star Game,” the scout told the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson. “He should have been there. He’s the league’s best sixth man this year, an All-Star level player. The fact he can now create his own shot and make it has taken him to a whole other level. Lou Williams won the sixth man award [three times], and Herro is better than Lou Williams.”


The future is bright for the young Heat shooting guard. He’s only 22-years old with a lot of room to grow and is in a perfect situation with an organization that values his potential. 

There’s no doubt that Herro’s star development is well underway, but is that enough reason for the Heat front office not to trade Herro if they have the chance to land a bigger star like Bradley Beal? The same NBA scout thinks it is.


 “I would not give up Herro [in a package] for [Bradley] Beal this summer,” the scout said. “The talent differential is not big enough to do that now.”


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