Anonymous NBA Coach Doesn’t Think Lakers Can Beat The Grizzlies: “[Ja Morant] Is Unguardable”

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Nikki Boertman


The Los Angeles Lakers had just a 0.3% chance of making the playoffs after their dreadful start to the season. But eventually, the Lakers managed to turn their season around and are now set to face the Memphis Grizzlies in the first-round of the 2023 NBA playoffs.

The Lakers spent the majority of the season being the underdogs, and they are once again turning to be one in this upcoming playoffs. The Lakers have to potential to surprise anyone, but a first-round meeting with a second-seeded team can be a grueling task.

An anonymous NBA head coach is now predicting the Lakers to lose to the Grizzlies in just five games, arguing that the Lakers got nobody to guard young superstar Ja Morant.


“The Grizzlies just have too much firepower for the Lakers. Ja Morant, I don’t know if there’s anyone on that Lakers team that can guard him. He’s unguardable. And this is their time.”


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