Alonzo Mourning Didn’t Talk To Vince Carter For Six Years After His Infamous Poster On Him


Vince Carter was a top player in his era. A gifted highflying guard, Carter was able to get buckets in variety of ways, including driving to the hoop, finishing over big men and making three-pointers. He stood out as an All-Star and remained a good role player in the latter part of his career.

As we all know Vince Carter arguably is the greatest dunker in history. During his time in the league, he’s put almost everyone on a poster.

During ESPN’s The Jump‘s segment “What were you thinking?” some while back, Carter was talking about one of his most brutal and most famous poster dunks on Alonzo Mourning in 2005. Carter said that after that dunk, Mourning didn’t talk to him for six or seven years.


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