“LIVIN LEGEND” – Allen Iverson, The NBA’s Last Real OG


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“LIVIN LEGEND” – Allen Iverson, The NBA’s Last Real OG


Former Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson is considered one of the most groundbreaking players in NBA history. His skills, unique style, and devastating crossover–to go with his 6’0” frame–put him in the same breath with some of the all-time greats. Iverson went toe-to-toe with many of them, and never backed down from a fight.

In an interview with rapper Jadakiss, Allen Iverson quickly rattled off Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal as four of five all-time greats. After easily naming those four, Iverson took some time thinking of a fifth, and turned the tide to mention some of the best today. Iverson mentioned Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Carmelo Anthony as players on the list that “goes on and on.” Iverson admits, “[the fifth player] could be a lot of dudes.”

“The Answer,” rocking a vintage Michael Jordan jersey with a leather Chicago Bulls cap on his head, also named the top-five rappers of all-time. Again, having trouble naming a fifth, Iverson put Jadakiss, Biggie Smalls, Redman, and Tupac Shakur on his list. Iverson, a lifelong hip-hop fan, even released his own rap single “40 Bars” in 2000. Controversial lyrics–which were criticized by NBA Commissioner David Stern–held Iverson to never release the song.

Not only was Allen Iverson basketball skills one-of-a-kind, but so was the way he represented himself on, and off the court. Throughout his career, Iverson was known for arriving to post-game interviews or games he sat out in wearing his street clothes. In 2005, the NBA implemented a dress code because of players like Iverson. His baggy, hip-hop-styled clothed were considered unprofessional for the league. Iverson opened up about his old style to Jadakiss. “I was just being me. I didn’t plan none of it,” Iverson said. “I dressed and looked like the dude from my hood that I grew up with. It was a bittersweet feeling because I took an ass-whupping for it. I Just for being myself,” he finished.


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