Al Horford Reveals Why He Often Flinches At The Ball After A Missed Free Throw

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images


We’ve all witnessed it a couple of times and it has become a regular thing ever since – Al Horford, flinching at the ball, or Al Horford being scared of the ball after a missed free throw.

But what is the reason for Horford’s frequent flinching?

Some time ago,’s Taylor Snow went to the bottom of it and ask Horford, who is celebrating his birthday today, about his ballphobia. Horford gave him following explanation:


“I just try to keep it loose sometimes for the guys. The game is so serious at times — and I take it very serious — but there are times that you put things in perspective. That’s something I’ve been doing for years. I kinda stopped doing it. The other night I was just messing around … I just started doing it. I don’t think I’ve done it very much this year. This might be the second or third time. A lot of the times I just try to get a laugh out of the guys, my teammates on the bench. That’s kinda what I go for. I’m sure people are curious. Now they know.”


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