Akron Sports Store Already Selling ‘Stay Home 23’ Gear

Photo Credit: AP Photo

Akron Sports Store Already Selling ‘Stay Home 23’ Gear


This year’s off-season isn’t even over yet, but the biggest question is already concerning next year’s off-season. Will LeBron James leave Cleveland again?

A sports store in LeBron’s hometown Akron it’s trying its best to convince the city’s most famous son, to stay in the Area beyond the 2018 free-agency.

They’ve created shirts and hats that say ‘Stay Home 23’


While there are many existing rumors about LeBron James leaving Cleveland once again,

sources close to LeBron said this latest tweet about him is 100 percent false.

Whatever it will be, LeBron James can option out of the final year of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent next year. Until then, the shirts sold in the Akron store can be worn, and if LeBron leaves, at least Cleveland fans will already have something to burn (again).


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