Adidas And Anthony Edwards: A Bold Statement In New “It’s Only The Beginning” Campaign


In the world of sports endorsements, few moments capture the essence of an athlete’s journey like Adidas’ latest commercial with NBA star Anthony Edwards. Titled “It’s Only the Beginning,” the commercial is a masterclass in narrative and branding, aligning perfectly with Edwards’ own story of resilience and ambition.

The commercial cleverly uses a “receipts” machine, symbolizing the doubts and criticisms athletes like Edwards face. With each printed receipt, representing a past criticism or doubt, Edwards’ response is not one of anger, but of motivation. He laughs, undeterred, embodying the campaign’s message: this is only the beginning.

The commercial takes a bold stance, with Edwards directly addressing his doubters.


“I’m not who they think I am – I’m better, believe that!”


he declares, a stark message to anyone who has underestimated him. This line, delivered with Edwards’ characteristic confidence, resonates with viewers, inviting them to partake in his journey of proving naysayers wrong.


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