6 Crazy Expensive Mansions Of NBA Stars

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It is no secret that many NBA players earn millions of dollars annually. With that enormous amount of money, there is so much they can do. Some of them have chosen to invest in homes. 

These homes are the kind that most people can only fantasize about. Since many of us cannot own such houses now, we can at least make the best of NBA odds to make some additional cash that could contribute to buying our own homes in the future.

By now, you are probably curious about how spectacular the homes of these NBA stars are and what it must cost to get them. This article will satisfy your curiosity by beaming the lights on six crazy expensive mansions owned by NBA stars. Let’s get started.


1. LeBron James – $36.75 million (Beverly Hills, California) 

LeBron James’ mansion in Beverly Hills is 13,000 square feet and covers about 2.5 acres of land at the hilltop. This mansion is the fourth the Lakers star will be owning and the third in LA. He has two other mansions located in Brentwood, LA, and one in Akron, Ohio. 

This Beverly mansion features a pool house with two baths, four bedrooms, eight total bathrooms, two guest houses, seven fireplaces, a lighted tennis court, and a movie theatre.

The house is positioned so that it has views of both Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean. The hedge-lined driveway and palm-topped motor court are two of the major takeaways of this mansion.


2. Steph Curry – $31 million (Atherton, California)

Steph Curry quietly purchased this three-story mansion in June 2019 at a location known to be the wealthiest in America – Atherton. An estate that was named the most paid-for-a-house in 2019 in Atherton and the whole Bay Area.

While paying $31 million may seem like a lot to many people, it probably is not that big of a deal to Curry. He had multiple contracts over $200 million in his name, making him the first NBA player to sign contracts worth that amount.

This mansion sits on a 1.2-acre lot and features a combination of contemporary and traditional architectural styles. It also features formal gardens, numerous terraces, and a guest house. All these features are locked behind a gate – Curry likes it private. Some refer to the shape of this mansion as irregular, but that is its beauty.


3. Anthony Davis – $31 million (Bel Air Crest, California)

Making our list in number 3 is this mansion owned by a Lakers star – Anthony Davis. This mansion was the most expensive property purchase done in Bel Air Crest. The same Bel Air Crest has been home to big shots like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kathy Griffin, Gordon Ramsay, and more.

This mansion is approximately 20,000 feet on a 3.5-acre lot. The property has jetliner views of the Catalina Islands and the Pacific Ocean. Within this mansion, there are 8 bedrooms and 9 bathhouses.


4. Ben Simmons – $ 17.5 million (Hidden Hills, California)

Ben Simmons has not been in the NBA for long but is already among the top 20 earners in the league. 

What’s more? He has a $17.5 million mansion to show his financial capabilities. The Australian Brooklyn Nets Star’s mansion is a modern farmhouse situated in Hidden Hills. Hidden Hills has been and is still the home of many stars, including; many of the Jenners, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, and many others.

Simmons’ mansion is about 12,000 feet and sits on a 1.5-acre lot. The Hidden Hills mansion has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a swimming pool, two motor courts, a spa, a wood deck, a cabana, a patio, and many unique features.


5. Kawhi Leonard – $17.1 million (Pacific Palisades, California) 

Kawhi Leonard always looks like someone who would shun the flashy lifestyle affiliated with the NBA, but even he lives in a dream-world mansion. The mansion which he paid 17.1 million dollars for is situated in Pacific Palisades.

This Pacific Palisades mansion is Leonard’s third home. He has a $6.7 million condo at the Ritz Carlton Residence at LA Live and a $13.3 million property in San Diego.

This mansion is about 12,000 feet in a 0.82-acre lot. It contains seven bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a ten-person movie theatre, and many other features.


6. Michael Jordan – $14.85 million (Highland Park, Chicago)

Michael Jordan wasn’t just a slam dunk on the basketball court in his days; he seemed to slam dunk in everything. 

His mansion at Highland Park, Illinois, is one of the most expensive for NBA stars. This mansion has been up for sale for years now and has experienced different price fluctuations. It was once priced at a staggering $29 million but is now on the market for $14.85 million.

This 56,000 square feet mansion has five fireplaces, a full-size basketball court, an outdoor tennis court, three climate-controlled garages, a movie theatre, and many other unique features.



You can now see that NBA stars do not only live the flamboyant lifestyles you see on the TV, but they also live them in real life. They are well paid, so they might as well live in huge mansions. Most of the mansions on this list are in California. So if you are in California, you might as well do some sightseeing.

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