3-Year-Old Meets Her Idol, Joel Embiid

Credit: Twitter/@SnowmanEmbiid

3-Year-Old Meets Her Idol, Joel Embiid

Philadelphia 76ers phenom Joel Embiid’s biggest fan is a three-year-old girl, Charlotte, who got to meet him Monday night.

Charlotte has turned to Twitter—@SnowmanEmbiid—to show her love for Embiid. Videos of her admiring “The Process” (filmed by her parents) have gone viral on Twitter, and fans, as well as the man himself, have taken notice.

Charlotte’s parents, Matt and Maggie were extremely excited when they got the opportunity to meet the 7’2” star center.


“Our family [started] watching the Sixers as we do every year and she just fell in love with Embiid as everyone else has,” Charlotte’s father Matt said. “She just watched the TV and connected with him. She just loves him so much.”

“It’s really cool,” Maggie said when asked about the meeting. “You always want to see your kid meet their hero. So we’re very happy to have that opportunity for her.”


How can you dislike this guy? Joel Embiid a hero.

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