2023 NBA Finals Where Are They Now?!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


It has already been two weeks (almost), since the Denver Nuggets won the NBA Championship for the first time in franchise history, and Nuggets center Nikola Jokic rightfully won the Finals MVP award.

While two weeks do not seem to be that much of time on first glance, it could feel like an eternity in ‘NBA-weeks’, as so much is happening, and as so much has happened since.

The Wizards have torn things apart, Bradley Beal is a Sun, Kristaps Porzingis a Celtic, Marcus Smart a Grizzly, Jordan Poole a Wizard and Chris Paul a Warrior. Oh and Victor Wembanyama is a Spur…

So with things moving faster in the NBA then everywhere else, Redditor Rob Buckets thought it was about time to have a 2023 NBA Finals ‘Where are thy now?’ montage. This is absolutely hilarious.




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