Will Both Kawhi Leonard And LeBron James Join The Lakers Next Season?

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Will Both Kawhi Leonard And LeBron James Join The Lakers Next Season?


After a very eventful offseason last year, will the craziness continue this summer?

Well, according to former Lakers coach Byron Scott it might get even crazier, and might involve some of the league’s biggest names.

LeBron James for example, who is expected to decline his player option ($35.6 million) and become an unrestricted free agent. The possibility of resigning with the Cavs is more than given, but LeBron will most likely also meet with other teams. While both Los Angeles teams have been rumored as a potential candidate to sign LeBron, Houston and San Antonio apparently also are interested in landing James.

Scott believes that LeBron will join the Lakers to team up with Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and… Kawhi Leonard. Yes, Kawhi Leonard:


“LeBron is coming to the Lakers along with Kawhi. We back in the NBA Finals. It’s not going to be Showtime, but it’s going to be close.

Obviously, we got money under the cap. And this is L.A. This is the city where champions are made of, except if you’re a Clipper. If you want to come to an organization which has a past history of winning: 17 championships.”



Scott has been an NBA head coach from 2000-2016.

Scott coached the New Jersey Nets, New Orleans Hornets, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers. In the beginning of his coaching career, he was fairly succesful. The 3-time NBA champion coached the New Jersey Nets to two consecutive NBA Finals. In the 2001/02 season, the Nets had a franchise record 52 wins, and won the Eastern Conference Championship. They went on to lose against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. Scott and his Nets also had a very succesful 2002/03 season, reaching the NBA Finals again, but lost for a seond year in a row, this time to the San Antonio Spurs. Last year, he officially ended his coaching career.

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