Will Derrick Rose Sign With The Los Angeles Clippers?


Will Derrick Rose Sign With The Los Angeles Clippers?


After meeting with the Milwaukee Bucks, and not yet agreeing to a deal, Derrick Rose remains one of the most famous free agents for now. Returning to the Knicks seems unlikely at this point, as General Manager Steve Mills is against bringing Rose back, possibly commiting to a full rebuild.

This year was supposed to be the year Derrick Rose signs his super-max contract. Derrick Rose a max player? These days are long gone. Everyone knows, that Derrick Rose will never return to the level of play that saw him become the leagues youngest MVP in NBA history.



But him being without a team could be changing very soon. The Los Angeles Clippers have set up a meeting with Rose for today.



Rose to the Clippers could be a great opportunity for both of the parties involved. It would be great for the Clippers to have a strong option behind defensive beast Patrick Beverley. They could also be letting Rose start at point, and Beverley at shooting guard (similar to how the Rockets have used Beverley with Harden running the point), against some opponents. This would also add more shooting power to the Clippers bench, with Austin Rivers then being in the second unit. It would also be a great opportunity for Rose to prove everyone, saying that he is done, wrong. Playing with Beverley as his backcourt partner would be perferct for Rose, as he was a defensive liability last season.

As for Rose, he should be acknowledging that his days as an NBA star are gone, and that accepting a smaller role would be help him stay in the league.

The Clippers, would not risk anything if they signed Rose. Getting a decent (backup) point guard for a good price (Rose isn’t in the position to ask for more than $5-8 million). I hope they will finalize a deal.

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