Why Brooklyn Signing Andre Roberson Is A Win-Win


Why Brooklyn Signing Andre Roberson Is A Win-Win


After their 136-125 win over the Sacramento Kings, the Brooklyn Nets decided to waive recently signed big-man Norvel Pelle, in order to free up a roster spot. A few minutes later, it was reported that the team had signed former OKC Forward Andre Roberson.

Roberson, who is 2 years removed from a ruptured patellar tendon, is finally getting another shot, as he’s been sidelined with injuries and setbacks. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that when healthy, Andre was an elite defender, and was often able to guard the opponents’ best player. He was never known to be a scorer and was actually considered an offensive liability. But that’s not why the Nets signed him, they need a defensive specialist, and he fits the bill.

During Andre Roberson’s last full season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, they were a staggering 11.2 points, per 100 possessions better defensively, when Andre was on the court. They would allow an average of 96.4 points when he was on, and 107.6 points, when he was off the floor. He thus had the most significant impact when he played, compared to others in the league.

His -11.2-point differential was the best in the league that season, beating out the likes of Jrue Holiday and Robert Covington. He may not put up the best numbers, but he is a key piece for any contending team, especially a team like the Nets. 

We all know how much offensive firepower the Nets have with KD, Kyrie, Harden, and Joe Harris running the show. And although they have the best offense in the league, scoring 116.6 points per 100 possessions, they still seem to lose games when they score in bunches, due to their lack of defense. They have the 27th ranked defense in the NBA, giving up 113.7 points per 100 possessions. And ever since the arrival of James Harden, they’ve been allowing 118.1 points per 100 possessions, which puts them at 29th in the league in that category.

They are lacking a player like Roberson, as he fits the bill perfectly as a on ball and wing-defender. The Nets’ current best wing-defender is none other than Kevin Durant. By acquiring a guy like Roberson, it could relieve KD from guarding the opposing team’s best player and leave him with more energy to score, while Andre can take over KD’s duty, and lockdown the opponent. He is a defensive leader, who will hold all of the players accountable, and could significantly help the Nets improve their D. 

The way I see it, this a win-win for everyone involved. Andre gets to prove that he deserves to be active on an NBA roster, and get minutes, since he’s finally healthy. He’s going to a competitive team, and betting on himself, sort of what Dwight Howard did last year with the Lakers. However, this is also a win for the Brooklyn Nets as they get playoff experience, an experienced player who has chemistry and has played with Kevin Durant, is a leader in the room, and most importantly, his defensive abilities.

If he can stay healthy and motivated to play defense like he did before his injury, this could be a very interesting move and good get for the Nets in the playoffs and the long run. It’s a low-risk and high reward type deal. Wishing Andre all the best and hoping this works out for the Nets and for Roberson. 

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