Who Got Snubbed? Stephen Curry Drops The Top 5 Players Of His Era


Stephen Curry is typically competing in the playoffs, or even the NBA Finals, at this time of year. However, this season finds him on a different venture after the Golden State Warriors failed to qualify for the playoffs. Steph is now co-hosting a podcast called “Heat Check” with his father, Dell Curry.

The podcast debuted on Thursday, and it did start with major heat right off the bat. In the very first episode, the father and son duo tackled an interesting topic by discussing who the top five players of their respective eras were.

Curry went first and kicked things off by stating that he wouldn’t be including Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan on his list, despite having competed against them. He instead mentioned the top players he frequently shared the floor with.


“Mine is kind of split like right on a changing of the guard,” Curry said, as quoted by Sports Illustrated. “Because you could say Kobe and Tim Duncan in the first four years of my career, so I’m going to exclude that. I’m gonna go from basically 2009-2023 right now. LeBron, KD, Kawhi – I know, every time you do this you’re going to miss somebody… Obviously, myself… I’m gonna say James [Harden].”


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