When Ball Is Life – The Chris Bosh Situation


When Ball Is Life – The Chris Bosh Situation


When it comes to the Chris Bosh situation, the statement that “ball is life” is ringing dangerously true. After being initially ruled out for the remainder of the season after experiencing another blot clot in his leg, Chris Bosh has seen a revival in Miami’s championship push as they powered past the Hornets at home to book their place in the next round. In witnessing this, Bosh’s situation has become a hot topic as of late, with Bosh pushing to return to the court despite the unwavering instruction from medical staff.

If this was an everyday situation, with an everyday person like you and I, the thoughts of returning would be seriously idiotic to even consider. Returning to a sport that could potentially have damaging effects on your overall quality of life and health moving forward is outrageous, but for NBA players and particularly Chris Bosh, the decision becomes quite complex.

Basketball is the only thing Bosh knows, and has been since he’s was just a kid. The talented power forward understands he could significantly help his team reach the next level, especially with a heavyweight matchup against the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals fast approaching. It would be great to see him out there, but at what cost? In truth, no amount of money or no supremely significant game should ever come in the way of a player’s health moving forward.

In the past, players have played through injuries, on heavy medication and basically had no business on the floor. This is obviously different to the Bosh situation, but nevertheless, the later lives of those players were significantly hindered due to the poor decisions they made at the time. It’s hard to say no to the game you love, but it’s even harder walking around with a limp your whole life, or unable to play outside with your children once you have retired.

This Bosh situation (which has been consistently publicised) has become so serious recently, that the NBA players Association has decided to take action and meet up with the Heat and Chris himself. They issued this statement;

“Our top priority is Chris’ health and well-being. We have spoken with Chris and his agent, and have reached out to the Miami Heat. We are hopeful that all parties involved can meet as soon as possible to resolve the situation.”

It looks like Bosh could have well and truly taken to the floor again, even his wife tweeted a message for her husband to return, but Miami won’t budge. They have taken this situation seriously as Chris’ health cannot be the subject of possible complications, and they would definitely be under the microscope if they allowed him to return and something catastrophic was to occur.

This is no straightforward situation. Bosh had a blot clot in his lungs last season and it is very possible that these incidents as well as blood thinning treatment can cause individuals to stop breathing or significantly cause damage to the heart. Something as small as elbow to a particular area could trigger this to happen, the margin for error is that close.

This is nothing to play around with. Miami have done the right thing and Bosh needs to realise this. It may be hard not playing the game you love, but it’s infinitely better than saying goodbye to the game forever.

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