When Arvydas Sabonis Threatened Rasheed Wallace’s Life: “I Will Kill Him!”


The 2001 Portland Trail Blazers, a team later nicknamed the “Jail Blazers” for their on-court antics, were known for their volatility. But a lesser-known incident from that era highlights the simmering tension even amongst teammates.

During a game in early 2001, center Arvydas Sabonis, known for his European flair, took a hit from Shaquille O’Neal and went down in a dramatic flop. Unfortunately, his flailing arm inadvertently connected with teammate Rasheed Wallace’s face.

Wallace, a notoriously fiery competitor, reacted with immediate anger. He stormed off the court, grabbed a towel on the bench, and flung it at Sabonis’ face. Shouting threats, Wallace reportedly yelled,


“I’ll f**k you up!”


The normally calm Sabonis surprised everyone with his response. In a low, chilling voice, he reportedly uttered,


“I will kill him.”



The “I will kill him” quote may not be the most remembered moment from the Jail Blazers era, but it serves as a reminder of the team’s unpredictable nature. 

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