Warriors Now Sell $100 Tickets That Don’t Have A View Of The Court

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Warriors Now Sell $100 Tickets That Don’t Have A View Of The Court


Well, I know the Warriors are successful and I know that a lot of people like to go to games. For most of the games, there are more people interested in going to the arena, than actual tickets. BUT, is this really the solution??????

The Golden State Warriors have started selling ‘In The Building Passes’ that will cost you $100 per month and grant you access into Oracle Arena but not ‘into into’ the arena. Meaning, you won’t get a spot from which you can actually see the game. There is no court view included. You basically pay $100 a month to watch the game on TV and for some arena food that’s way too expensive. That’s what I call a ripoff.

Per ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

The mobile pass does not include a seat, and with no access to the seating bowl, doesn’t even include a view of the court itself. The team says fans who purchase the pass will have access to the arena’s bars and restaurants and can watch on the televisions in the club areas. Fans do have a chance to receive one of the Warriors giveaways if they are one of the first 10,000 people into the arena.

Fans can purchase up to four “In The Building” passes, although each one must be connected to a name, and they are non-transferable. Warriors spokesperson Lisa Goodwin said the team plans to sell 200 passes each month, starting with November, and that the pass will automatically renew each month through April, as the offer is not being extended to the postseason.

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