Vlade Divac: “We Had A Better Deal For Cousins 2 Days Ago”

Photo Credit: NBA.com

Vlade Divac: “We Had A Better Deal For Cousins 2 Days Ago”


Being a Sacramento Kings fan is very tough these days, and it seems to be getting worse every day. First DeMarcus Cousins, your star player, gets traded for almost nothing in one of the worst trades in recent NBA history. Now, your General Manager admits that he had a better offer two days prior to the trade by the Los Angeles Lakers.

During the Kings’ press conference Divac was asked why he didn’t wait until closer to the trade deadline in order to recieve more in return for Cousins. His answer was brutally honest, and he told reporters that the Kings at one point had a better offer on the table for DeMarcus Cousins than the one they ended up taking.



Divac: “We would most likely get less. Because I had a better deal two days ago.”

Reporter: “Then what you got now?”

Divac: “Yup.”

Reporter: “You had a better offer for Cousins two days ago?”

Divac: “Talk to Los Angeles.”


Even though you think it’s impossible, this trade becomes worse and worse every day…

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