Vlade Divac Says Michael Jordan Would Average 80 Points Per Game In Today’s NBA

Photo Credit: Robert Sullivan/AFP via Getty Images

Vlade Divac Says Michael Jordan Would Average 80 Points Per Game In Today’s NBA


Michael Jordan, who is arguably the greatest scorer of all-time, averaged 30.1 points per game for his career and won 10 scoring titles. His career-high in points per game tops at 37.1 points during the 1986-87 NBA season.

Given that Jordan played in an era where defense was regarded as more physical, plenty of fans and basketball pundits have debated and projected how the Chicago Bulls legend would fare in today’s era where rules favor the offense drastically.

Basketball Hall of Famer and former Sacramento Kings general manager Vlade Divac shared his thoughts about this during an interview for a Serbian portal. Firstly claiming that Jordan as the GOAT, Divac then said Jordan would average 80 points per game had he played in today’s era.


Buka: You shared the floor with the best world and European players. Since you were a contemporary of Michael Jordan, every year there is a debate in the NBA league about whether he is the best player of all time.

What do you think?

Divac: Jordan is number one.

Here let me explain to you ‘plastically’. If you had Jordan nowadays he would by these rules he would have an average of 80 points per game. So compare who is the best. The rules have changed, there is no physical contact, rough play, no defenses focused. The audience is playing, which is nice, more for the basket, which is also nice, but it seems to me that it has lost its competitiveness, so it is ungrateful to compare one generation with another, because the circumstances are simply different.

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