VINTAGE: Michael Jordan’s Last 12 Minutes With The Bulls

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Michael Jordan’s Last 12 Minutes With The Bulls 

Unedited broadcast recording. As witnessed in real-time. The most watched NBA Finals of all time.

The 1998 Finals holds the highest television rating of any Finals series in history, and Game 6 holds the highest television rating of any game in NBA history. (Until last year)


“The greatest game I ever saw. Not just NBA game but sports live telecast. Watching this in real time, you are literally sent back in time to 1998. This was so tense for me as an MJ fan. Bulls lost HCA to Jazz that year. Pippen had aggrevated back injury. Bulls fail to finish off Jazz at home in Game 5. This is why MJ is undisputed GOAT. Last 3 plays, he recognized, Malone would’ve found Hornasac for 3 just like previous play he found open stockton for 3. That last MJ steal was a total surprise. Malone never got a chance to look at open hornasac. MJ’s defense is extremely underrated because of his godly offensive skills. If Malone looked up and assist to Hornasac 3 pointer would’ve made a 4 pt lead for Jazz with probably 12 secs left. That means Jazz win Game 7 at home and championship with Pippens worsened back injury poor game 7 and Bulls relying completely on 35 yrs old MJ playing 100+ game. If anyone ever question MJ’s 1998 season MVP for less than 50%FG, all they need to do is watch this game in live unedited telecast. You see the big picture. Bulls never ever had dominant Big men to block malone and stockton(Bird had McHale, Magic had Kareem, Kobe had most dominant big men in Shaq, Gasol and Bynum). To top this off, Bulls were small rebounding team (Pip was 6’7″, Rodman was 6’7″). And Bulls lost HCA in 1998. Still GOAT made sure they won by a point on the road scoring more than 50% of points of the team. Statistically, 35 yrs old MJ had the worst year offensively with 44%FG and only 28 PPG (still scoring leader over Shaq). Many argue, Malone was the true 1998 season MVP followed by Shaq as runner-up. I completely disagree! All they need to see is this game’s live unedited telecast and how limited bulls were in rebounding, shot blocking department as Malone, Ostertag, Morris biggie trio with HCA here.”


Even with those old commercials, a total “right back to the…” feeling.Goosebumps or should I say Goatbumps?!


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