Vince Carter Reflects On The Final Shot Of His NBA Career

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Vince Carter Reflects On The Final Shot Of His NBA Career


After 22 seasons, 25,728 points, 6606 rebounds, 4714 assists, 1530 steals and 888 blocks, Vince Carter is calling it a career – more or less voluntarily.

With the Atlanta Hawks not being among the 22 teams that will continue with the NBA season in Orlando, Vince Carter’s retirement came early, abrupt and undeservingly unspectacular.

The man who played in the league in four different decades, would have deserved a better ending to his career than what coronavirus has given him.

Carter himself now revealed that he is satisfied with how things ended, but mainly due to the fact that he made the last shot he had attempted in his career.


“If I didn’t make my last shot, it’d feel a little different. I’d be itching to get back and just play one minute. And just make one shot, I don’t care what it is – free throw, layup… 

As a player playing that last game, you always want to say, ‘well, at least I made my last shot of my career,’ and I can actually say that. So I’m happy.”


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