[VIDEO] Anderson Varejao’s RIDICULOUS Flop


[VIDEO] Anderson Varejao’s RIDICULOUS Flop


Former Cavalier and now Warrior Anderson Varejao has been a known flopper for a long time now. He didn’t dissapoint us in Game 5, flopping all over the floor. It’s gotten to a point where it is just ridiculous.

Even star Wild Reciever Odell Beckham Jr. is not having it anymore. And he took to Twitter to let the world know where he stands on Varejao’s flopping:



Mike Breen, Jeff van Gundy and Mark Jackson also thought that Varejao’s performace was Oscar worthy. I agree with Jeff Van Gundy once again. If referees keep giving known floppers the benefit of the doubt (basically giving them the call in 50/50 situations) then flopping will NEVER go away. If referees start to punish players for flopping by giving them less calls and not giving them the benefit of the doubt, I bet flopping would take a steep decline immediately.


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