Victor Wembanyama Rejected Drake’s Stage Invite, Because Spurs Teammates Weren’t Also Invited


In a world where the spotlight often singles out individuals, San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama has shown that for him, it’s all about the team. The French phenom, who has been making waves in the NBA with his extraordinary talent, recently made headlines not for his on-court prowess but for his off-court leadership.

During a Drake concert in Austin, Wembanyama was invited to join the Grammy Award-winning artist on stage, a gesture that would have put him in the limelight in front of thousands. However, Wembanyama turned down the offer when he learned his teammates could not join him.

Former NBA guard JJ Redick shared this remarkable story, highlighting Wembanyama’s team-first mentality.


“There was a Drake concert in Austin and [Wembanyama] got asked to come up on stage because Drake was doing that with a bunch of NBA guys this off-season,” Redick said on the ‘7 p.m. in Brooklyn’ podcast with Carmelo Anthony and The Kid Mero. “And Wemby was like, ‘Can my teammates come up on stage with me because they’re going to be at the concert with me?’ And Drake’s camp was like, no. And he’s like, ‘Then I don’t want to do it’.”



This decision speaks volumes about Wembanyama’s character. At just 19 years old then, he is already setting an example of what it means to be a leader. His actions echo the sentiments of basketball greats who have always put their teams above personal glory. It’s a refreshing stance in an era where individual achievements often overshadow collective efforts.

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