Tyronn Lue Got Mad At Derrick Rose For Mid-Game Bathroom Break

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Tyronn Lue Got Mad At Derrick Rose For Mid-Game Bathroom Break


When you gotta go, you gotta go. There are certain things in life you can’t avoid… going to the toilet is one of them.

When asked about how he could take care of his body better, Rose mentioned that hydrating is one of the things he needs to improve, before explaining how he lost playing time during the Cavs’ game against the Pacers. Rose had to go to the bathroom and coach Tyronn Lue even got mad at Rose for his bathroom break, because he wanted to sub him in:


“I would say it’s the small things. Hydrating. I think that a lot of people hydrate. It’s one of the reasons Lue got mad at me yesterday. I was in the bathroom. I didn’t know he wanted me to come back in the game. It was just miscommunication.

“But the way I think about it, when I say little things, guys are out there for two hours straight playing basketball for two hours and nobody takes a bathroom break. For real, just think about it. It blows my mind, bro. Whenever I come out the game, I go right to the restroom, hydrate, then I’m right back in it, but that’s what I mean by just learning from my past and doing anything just to stay on the court. I’ve come a long way, but I’m happy where I’m at. I’m happy we got the win yesterday.”

(Transcript via USA TODAY Sports’ FTW)


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