Ty Lue Pushes Back At Darvin Ham Criticism: “It’s Definitely Unfair”


The Los Angeles Lakers have stumbled since their in-season tournament championship, currently sitting as the 10th seed in the Western Conference with an 18-19 record. As the losses pile up, fingers are being pointed and blame is being cast.

One target of this criticism has been Lakers head coach Darvin Ham. Despite being just in his second season as a head coach and leading the team to the Western Conference Finals last year, some are already calling for his dismissal.

The criticism surrounding Ham has grown so loud that even Los Angeles Clippers coach Tyronn Lue has felt compelled to speak out in his defense. Lue sees the criticism unfair and thinks Ham has done a good job leading a team despite injuries.


“It’s definitely unfair,” said Lue. “It’s a long season. A lot of different things go on throughout the course of the season, a lot of changing parts. And we said the same thing last year when they were 2-10 and they went to the conference finals and are you giving the coach all the credit for that? I don’t think so. And D.Ham did a hell of a job last year by doing that.”


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