Tristan Thompson Was Savagely Trolled By NBA Twitter Over His Reaction To Kyrie Irving’s Trade Request 

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images


As previously reported, Kyrie Irving, who actually seemed happy and thriving this year, has requested a trade out of Brooklyn before the trade deadline.

The entire Brooklyn Nets front office, the coaching staff and the players – even Kevin Durant – were surprised by Irving dropping yet another bomb, while adding to his very controversial last couple of years.

After the news broke, Irving’s former Cavaliers teammate, Tristan Thompson, made an appearance on ESPN’s ‘This Just In’ and suggested that Irving should join forces with LeBron James in Los Angeles.


“This is the piece that gets the Lakers back to the promised land. This is the guy that’s gonna get them over the top.”



After the segment, Bleacher Report tweeted a graphic showing LeBron with his arms around Irving and Thompson and following caption: “Time to get the gang back together.”

NBA Twitter misinterpreted the graphic and thought that Thompson wanted the three former teammates to play for the same team again, himself included. This then led to NBA Twitter trolling Thompson badly.



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