Trae Young Brings Up The Idea Of Adding A 4-Point Line

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Trae Young Brings Up The Idea Of Adding A 4-Point Line


The NBA has seen a drastic change in the way the game is played in the last decade. With more pace and space, and 3-point shooting in particular, 40ft+ long-range bombs and half-court shots have become a common thing in today’s era of basketball.

With that being said, would a 4-point line be necessary in today’s game considering more players are getting more comfortable, extending their range and hitting shots farther from the 3-point line? Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young has brought up the idea on Twitter, after watching Damian Lillard go berserk from the logo.


“Should we add a 4pt Line? … Asking for a friend”



A player like Trae Young would benefit from this scheme considering he has a sweet spot from the farther parts of the floor. His tweet, though, was bombarded with negative reactions, showing disagreement to his question.

The NBA hasn’t come close to adding a 4-point line, but there are other basketball leagues who have done this and continuously doing this up to date. The China Basketball League and the BIG3 league being prime examples.

Today’s game is favoring offensive players a lot more. Since 3-point shooting has become more popular, the rest of the teams started to adjust, moving farther away from the inside and making the defense open up widely.

A 4-point line would do the same thing and open up the defenses even more, thus diminishing the defensive capability and approach in general. This goes without saying that it will more likely cause an uneven playing field between offense and defense, with offensive players being in full advantage – something that fans wouldn’t be happy to see.

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