After His Trade To The Knicks, Emmanuel Mudiay Has The Worst +-

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Abbie Parr

After His Trade To The Knicks, Emmanuel Mudiay Has The Worst +-


Before being drafted 7th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft, Emmanuel Mudiay was expected to become one of the best young point guards in the league.

While his rookie season was promising, he has regressed ever since. The main problem: Ineffective shooting. In his NBA career, Mudiay has shooting percentages of 37% from the field and 31% from three point land.

While some Knicks fans even were excited about the trade, it looks like Mudiay is not helping the Knicks, at all.  While he had some decent games, his overall performance for his new team was so bad, that coach Jeff Hornacek has considered putting Jarrett Jack back in the rotation. There are some metrics to back it up. Mudiay has so far played a total of 218 minutes for the Knicks. In these 218 minutes, the Knicks have been outscored by 100 points, making Mudiay’s +- a horrific -100 over that span.



Some Knicks fans though, are already seeing the silver lining. These fans want Hornacek to play Mudiay more often, to get a higher pick in this year’s draft.


“This is great news. Play him 30+ minutes every night and let’s get a real shot at Doncic.”

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