Time to stop comparing LeBron to Jordan


Time to stop comparing LeBron to Jordan


I love every single bit of John Saunder’s opinion piece on LeBron James. Last night, he said on ESPN:

“After winning the championship, LeBron James heard critisism again. Agreeing to a contract, that really guarantees only one more year with the Cavs. After that, he can go for a record contract, when the salary cap rises. That brought out the cynics questioning his loyalty. Which made me wonder why we don’t love LeBron, like we love Jordan. Isn’t it time we stop expecting him to be like Mike? We criticize LeBron not for what we know, but what we think we know. For instance, we think LeBron can’t win without picking his teammates. But we do know, they can’t win without him. We think we know LeBron’s biggest plan is to be a billionaire. But we know, he gives millions of dollars towards educating the underpriviledged. And we think he’s not as good as Jordan. Even as we do know he is one of the greatest of all time. So it’s time I know to stop expecting what we think he should be and appreciate LeBron for what we know he is. At least that’s what I’m going to do.”

Preach John! I hope many will follow your way…


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