This Gregg Popovich – Tim Duncan Story Will Make You Cry

Associated Press

Associated Press

This Gregg Popovich – Tim Duncan Story Will Make You Cry


There is not much room for humanity, love and such gestures in today’s money driven NBA. But when you work together, almost each and every day, for almost twenty years, you make room for humanity, love and such gestures.

During Gregg Popovich’s press conference after Tim Duncan’s retirement, he, almost in tears, made a comment about “taking a piece of carrot cake” will be some of the things he will miss most about Duncan retiring. He just said it, but did not give an explanation.



Until now: In a recent article by the San Antonio Express News, we finally were presented ‘the story of carrot cake’. It truly is heartwarming. Even more so if you consider that both of them are introverts.


“It was the thoughtful act of a father. Gregg Popovich would go to a Zagat-approved restaurant on the road with his staff, and sometimes, toward the end of the meal, he would ask the waiter for a small carrot cake to go.

He would then leave the package outside Tim Duncan’s hotel door, and Popovich’s original thinking was simple. He knew Duncan loved carrot cake.

But they say this became a road ritual that went on for years, and that the gesture was about more than a late-night snack. It was a nod to partnership and appreciation.

Room service is over now. Popovich has moved on.

“He’s gone,” Popovich said this week. “I’ve put it out of my mind.””

-via San Antonio Express News



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