The NBA Summer League In Las Vegas Is The Greatest Exhibition Show On Earth

Photo by Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal

The NBA Summer League In Las Vegas Is The Greatest Exhibition Show On Earth 


NBA Basketball is back! The NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, as usual, starts at the beginning of July.

Upcoming rookies can make their first steps at the NBA level, with some players fighting for a roster spot on one of the 30 teams. Sophomores will also be present to develop their games, and players that haven’t played in a while due to injuries, like James Wiseman, will try to get back into basketball shape.

While there are other summer leagues, like the California Classic, the tournament in Las Vegas is obviously in focus. 

Las Vegas hosts the only Summer League, this year’s is sponsored by NBA 2K23, that has all 30 NBA teams present.

A champion will be played out in 75 games through 11 days in this mini-league. The odds on the leaders are set by the British online bookmakers, you can easily find top offers here.

The Summer League has become an important staple in NBA basketball, and can be considered the greatest exhibition tournament in the world… and it isn’t even close.

The areas are packed and basketball fans worldwide are watching the games and highlights on screens worldwide.

For the first time, players will also be rewarded with some gold this year. The kings of summer will be given Championship rings for their high-flying efforts in Vegas.

Ultimately, Summer League still means nothing for the 2022-23 NBA Season, but it still is very exciting to see young guys who have nothing to lose go and give their all and everything.

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