The Amazing Story Of Michael Jordan And Scottie Pippen Surprising Kids By Joining Their Pick-Up Game


Batman and Robin. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Considered the greatest duo of all-time, Jordan and Pippen had extreme success winning six NBA championships.

While the two were some of the hardest workers in the league, they also appeared to be unapproachable off the court. But that’s not necessarily true.

Former Bulls reporter and Chicago sports producer Mandy Cohen was guest on theIn All Airness podcast and shared a story about Jordan and Pippen surprising some kids who were playing basketball near the Bulls’ practice facilities, making these kids’ day, or even year. 


“They had practice at Washington, I was there in my TV role. So we’re all leaving practice, the buses parked across this parking lot area, and there’s an outdoor court. There’s just two kids playing pick-up ball together, and we’re all walking toward the bus, and Jordan and Pippin look at each other. And they walk over and they just say to these two kids, like, ‘Hey, you want to go?’.

And the two kids were like, ‘Oh, my God, are we really seeing this?’. I don’t know what they played horse or whatever. They played with them for a few minutes. We all got on the bus. And Phil being Phil, he said, We will wait for them until they’re done. So I sat on the bus and watched out the window, no cell phones, no video cameras with us.”


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