Terance Mann Names LeBron James As The Greatest Player Of All Time


LeBron James continues to add to his list of achievements, strengthening his case as the greatest player of all time. His resume currently includes four NBA championships, four Finals MVP awards, 19 All-NBA selections, 19 All-Star appearances, and being the leading scorer in NBA history.

While other players are sometimes mentioned in the GOAT debate, LeBron James and Michael Jordan are the main names that come up. Jordan’s 6-0 record in the NBA Finals makes him a favorite for many, but more and more people are choosing LeBron as their top pick.

In line with this trend, Los Angeles Clippers guard Terance Mann recently announced that he considers the 38-year-old Los Angeles Lakers superstar as his GOAT. Mann finds it obvious, highlighting LeBron’s multiple NBA Finals and conference finals appearances with different teams.


“Number 1 of all time is LeBron James. I don’t wanna get into why because that’s just controversial. At his age, at his years in the league right now, I think he’s making an obvious case of being the GOAT,” Mann said.


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