Strippers Reportedly Were “Absolutely Terrified” When Ja Morant Pulled His Gun

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images


While Ja Morant has become one of the faces of the NBA in recent years, there have been some pretty dark allegations off the court as of late, that peaked when he was flashing a gun at a strip club while doing an Instagram Live. 

According to a recent report by the New York Post, dancers of the club were said to be “absolutely terrified” by Morant pulling out a gun while in the VIP room.

Per New York Post:


The gun, however, “absolutely terrified” Shotgun girls in the backroom, claimed one dancer who wasn’t in the VIP room but heard complaints from her coworkers.

“He pulled the white boy excuse card: ‘I’m just going through a lot right now, so I’m going to act [like] a fool and put other people’s lives at risk,’” she said.


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