Steve Kerr Uncertain If He Will Be Able To Coach In The NBA Finals

Photo Credit: Ali Thanawalla/SFBay

Steve Kerr Uncertain If He Will Be Able To Coach In The NBA Finals


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has been absent from his team ever since Game 3 of their first round series against the Portland Trailblazers due to an illness. Usually, the vague “illness” ruling to hold a player or coach, in this case, out of game is because doctors aren’t sure what is wrong.

In his place, lead assistant coach and former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown took over. Brown has had years of head coach experience and was the NBA Coach of the Year in 2009 with Cleveland. He led the Warriors to second round and Conference Finals sweeps against the Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs. He has done an outstanding job.

That doesn’t mean the Warriors haven’t missed Kerr as a coach, but having such an experienced assistant has made it easier for the team, as well as for Kerr himself, to focus on his rehabilitation.

The Finals will start on June 1, and Steve Kerr told ESPN’s Marc Spears that he doesn’t know if he will be able to coach in the Finals.



Coach Kerr coached through pain for most parts of the season. This pain is caused by a slow leak of spinal fluid. Kerr has had some procedures, to possibly end the leak, but his return remains questionable.

There is over a week left, but in the end, he is absolutely right to put his health first.

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