Steve Kerr Recollects Retiree Andrew Bogut’s Brilliance

Photo Credit: Paul Chinn / The Chronicle

Steve Kerr Recollects Retiree Andrew Bogut’s Brilliance


During their first title run in 2015, the Golden State Warriors’ best defender was Andrew Bogut.

More so, Bogut would have had the chance to go down as one of the best defenders in league history, if he didn’t have such bad luck with injuries.

But even when the Australian left the Bay Area, he still had an on-court presence, through Draymond Green, whom he mentored and who took over his duties as defensive anchor. 

After finishing his career in his home country these past seasons, Bogut announced his retirement yesterday.

Many of his former teammates and opponents congratulated him on a great career, and his former coach, Steve Kerr, praised him for his role and achievement with the Warriors.


“Congrats & thank you to Andrew Bogut on an amazing career. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit at the center spot- a dominant defender who owned the paint, a brilliant passer/screener who blended perfectly with Steph&Klay, and a player with incredible feel. Well done Boges!”


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