Steve Kerr Makes Fun Of The Cavs’ Scoreboard Again

Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Steve Kerr Makes Fun Of The Cavs’ Scoreboard Again


Two options:

Option A: The Cavs don’t think that their fans are very smart.

Option B: The Cavs want to make it as easy for their fans as possible.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have an odd feature on their scoreboard call ‘the diff’. It shows people at the Quicken Loans Arena by how much Cleveland is winning or losing. If the Cavs are up 62-55, ‘the diff’ says +7, but if they’re trailing 78-72, it says -6.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr used exactly this feature to make fun of the Cavs.


“The Diff. Yeah, I made fun of The Diff. 58-46, I wish I knew how much we were down. Oh! The Diff! We’re down 12! Now I really know. Now I’m in huge trouble.

I just think for the education, the kids, it’s better to not tell them the answer with math. I know my son Nick literally learned math by going to the Bulls games and reading the scoreboard and doing the math himself. I’m thankful that the Bulls did not give away the answer otherwise maybe Nick might have never learned math. I don’t know. God, Cleveland fans are gonna hate me now.”


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