Stephen Jackson With Important PSA About Having Multiple ‘Baby Mamas’

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Stephen Jackson With Important PSA About Having Multiple ‘Baby Mamas’


Stephen Jackson had a great career. He played in the NBA for 14-years and won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2003. But he also was one of the most contoversial players around, something that continued when his active career ended.

Captain Jack now had something to get off his chest. A public service announcement about having multiple baby mamas if you may… or better, rather not.

Jackson revealed that he wishes to never have met three of the five women he has children with, and wants young people to know, that it’s best to find one woman and one woman only:


“Find one woman, love her, and have babies with her. Do not have kids by multiple women. Listen to me. That sh*t is overrated, this sh*t is played out and it ain’t what you think it is. I have kids by five women. I take full responsibility for laying down with them, making babies with them and all… but three of ’em, I regret even knowing. Paid millions and millions of dollars in child support, and still don’t see my kids…”


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