Stephen Jackson Commends Dillon Brooks For Standing Up Against LeBron James: “Too Many Players Let Bron Score”

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Brandon Dill


Dillon Brooks has turned out to be one of the biggest villains in the NBA right now, as the Memphis Grizzlies swingman greatly enjoys sparking altercations, running his mouth and getting under the opponents’ skin.

In Game 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooks made a point to target Lakers superstar LeBron James by talking smack, annoying him and playing him physical. Brooks didn’t just limit his words to the court, but also found a way to take shots at the 38-year old forward after the game.

While a number of basketball pundits weren’t fond of Brooks’ antics, former NBA journeyman Stephen Jackson shared the opposite perspective, as he went on to commend the 27-year old Canadian for standing up against LeBron instead of trying to be friends with him.


“Where were y’all when Bron was shooting airballs from free throw line. I’m happy somebody wanna compete and not be friends. I love guys that wanna compete. Too many players let Bron score. They wanna be friends.”   


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