Stephen Curry vs Kyle Lowry UNREAL Duel


Stephen Curry vs Kyle Lowry UNREAL Duel!

Best Matchup of the season so far…


Lowry had a career-high 41 Points, but Steph was too good (again) with 44 points to lead the Warriors to another win.

It was unreal, to watch them play. This is why we love this game! Lowry still is underrated, he is a beast!


Just have a look how good their season averages are:


Lowry: 22.0 PPG / 4.8 REB / 6.2 AST / 2.7 STL /


Curry: 32.6 PPG / 4.9 REB / 6.0 AST / 2.3 STL


Watch the DUEL:

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