Stephen Curry Recalls First Meeting with Kobe Bryant And A ‘Disrespectful’ Look From Him

Photo: NBAE via Getty Images

Stephen Curry Recalls First Meeting with Kobe Bryant And A ‘Disrespectful’ Look From Him


We are nearing the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death. Bryant and his daughter Gianna were among the nine people on board the helicopter that crashed and left no survivors in Calabasas, California on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

With Kobe now being gone for almost a whole year, many current and former stars are sharing their personal Kobe Bryant with the public, in order to honor his legacy.

In Stephen Curry’s case, he recently reminisced about the first time he went head to head with Bryant, and a disrespectful look he received from the Lakers legend.

Per NBC Sports:


“One of my first preseason games down at the Forum my rookie year, we played against him, and I got switched onto him in an ISO situation, I’m scrawny, 170-pound rookie coming in, and the look he gave me was so damn disrespectful — it was crazy,” he narrated.

“That was kind of my welcome to the league moment, and from there, to the shot in preseason probably three or four years later, he gave me a little pat on the a– after I hit him with a 30-footer. But he’s definitely inspiring in terms of his legacy.”


The Warriors ended up defeating the Lakers in said preseason game which was unreal for Curry, since he was able to beat his icon and childhood her, Kobe Bryant, in a game:


“He was our generation’s Jordan in terms of iconic moves, ISO stuff, fadeaways, game-winners, something about his name even just rolls off the tongue nice when you’re counting down three, two, one you yell ‘Kobe!’ when you knock it down,”


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