Stephen Curry Opens Up On Klay Thompson’s Departure: “Hasn’t Really Sunk In”


The Golden State Warriors are officially entering a new era without Klay Thompson, and star point guard Stephen Curry is still grappling with the change. In a recent interview, Curry opened up about the emotional toll of losing his longtime teammate.

Curry and Thompson, affectionately known as the “Splash Brothers,” were a dominant force for the Warriors, leading the team to four NBA championships. Their on-court connection was undeniable, fueled by years of playing alongside each other.


“It’s tough,” Curry admitted in the interview. “We’ve been through so much together, on the court and off. Honestly, it hasn’t really sunk in yet that I won’t be lining up next to him next season.”


Despite the emotional difficulty, Curry acknowledges Thompson’s right to pursue a new opportunity.


“It’s his career, his decision,” Curry said. “I respect that fully. The brotherhood doesn’t end here, that’s for sure.”



The Warriors have acquired new talent in the wake of the Thompson trade, but Curry’s comments showcase the irreplaceable value of a long-standing teammate. How Golden State adjusts to Thompson’s absence remains to be seen.

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