Stephen Curry On His Mt. Rushmore Of Ball Handlers

Photo Credit: Rob Carr / Getty Images

Stephen Curry On His Mt. Rushmore Of Ball Handlers


Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is not only one of the (if not the) best shooters in league history, but also one of the best ball handlers the NBA has ever seen. But according to Curry himself, ball handling wasn’t always his strength.


“It’s funny because that [ball handling] wasn’t always one of my strengths. Growing up, I played point guard and I was kind of more the basic ball handler, initiating plays…”


During a special on NBA TV, Curry was asked about his all-time Mount Rushmore of ball handlers. I gotta admit, I’m a fan of his list.


“I’ll put myself on there. Kyrie. Pistol Pete and Magic Johnson. He was up there and it wasn’t anything like break your ankles type but he can get from point A to point B and there’s nothing you can do about it. Ballhandling is about being efficient so that is why I had to put him in there.”

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