Stephen Curry, LeBron James And Other Team USA Players Struggle To Spin Ball On Their Fingers

Photo Credit: USA Basketball


Team USA’s quest for gold at the upcoming Olympics has hit a surprisingly low-stakes hurdle: spinning a basketball on their finger. A recent lighthearted video captured Team USA players attempting the seemingly simple feat, with some surprising results.

The video, titled “A skill not all possess… Who on the #USABMNT can spin a ball on their finger?” features stars like Stephen Curry and LeBron James struggling to keep the ball spinning for more than a revolution or two. The lighthearted attempt has gone viral, sparking amusement and lighthearted debate among fans.



Comments on social media range from playful jabs (“Maybe they should focus on spinning the ball into the net instead?”) to genuine surprise (“Wait, NBA players can’t spin a ball on their finger?!”). The unexpected challenge has become a fun talking point, highlighting the human element even among these elite athletes.

While the inability to spin a ball might seem like a trivial detail, some fans have pointed out the potential implications. Perhaps it indicates a lack of the kind of playground practice that fosters ball-handling skills. However, others argue that a player’s success on the court shouldn’t be judged by a childhood trick.

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