Stephen Curry Defends Draymond Green

Rick Bowmer, AP

Rick Bowmer, AP

Stephen Curry Defends Draymond Green


Ethan Strauss’ (ESPN) article on the Warriors’ Draymond Green problem made huge waves this past week. (READ: When Cops Nearly Had To Stop Draymond Green From Fighting Steve Kerr: “Motherf**ker, come sit me down!” )

Many other reports came up, talking about similar problems with Draymond. One NBA team executive, who wants to remain unnamed said:

“He’s what will ultimately prevent them from having long-term success,”


Others like Marreese Speights (“Draymond f**ked up practice and s**t, Draymond’s a good guy, but I think at the end of the day, it hurt the whole chemistry of the year. Draymond and Klay got into it a lot“) denied their quotes.

While it all seems to be very speculative, we can’t call something ‘the truth’ based on hearsay.

Draymond Green’s teammate and the league’s reigning two time MVP Stephen Curry, apparently also wasn’t happy with the article and started to defend Green. In an Interview with USA Today, Curry said:

“Honestly, none of that stuff has crept in. We have to respond. Obviously the article about Draymond, we all thought it was ridiculous and kind of looking through a keyhole at somebody’s life that you don’t really know about.”


Stephen Curry doesn’t want to let any outside criticism affect his team and simply wants to put his and the team’s focus on basketball, and basketball only:

“We see every single day what goes on, what a guy like Draymond brings to the table for us, how he makes us better, how KD does that for us, what Klay does for us, all the way down the list. And we appreciate everybody’s role. We appreciate what our common goal is. When we get back in the locker room, and practice, and when we’re by ourselves, the mood is pretty solid, something that I’m pretty confident will allow us to have maturity when it comes to the noise around us and how we handle it and not letting that affect how we play on the court and how we see each other and let that get in the way. I’m going to do my part in trying to lead that charge, and make sure it’s all about basketball.”



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