Someone Groaned After JJ Redick Said He Didn’t Talk To LeBron About Lakers Coaching Job


At the Los Angeles Lakers’ introductory press conference for new head coach JJ Redick, an audible groan was heard from the audience when Redick stated he had not discussed the coaching vacancy with LeBron James.

Redick, who is stepping into his first head coaching role after a successful career as a player and podcaster, addressed several topics during the event. He confirmed that he would not be continuing his podcasting career and expressed his commitment to focusing on coaching. Additionally, Redick and general manager Rob Pelinka shared their vision for the team’s next era, highlighting the importance of collaboration with players like Anthony Davis.

The groan from the crowd seemed to indicate skepticism about Redick’s claim of not having spoken to LeBron James regarding the coaching position.



As the Lakers move forward under Redick’s leadership, fans and analysts alike will be watching closely to see how this new chapter unfolds for the team. 

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