Sixers Teammates Are Concerned About Markelle Fultz’s Overall Well Being

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson/AP

Sixers Teammates Are Concerned About Markelle Fultz’s Overall Well Being


Last year’s number one draft pick, Markelle Fultz’s saga is still as strange and controversial as it was during his rookie season.

At the beginning of said rookie season, Fultz played through a shoulder injury that apparently caused him to forget how to shoot.

But no doctor was really able to diagnose an injury, or a cause for the shooting woes and possible pain Fultz was experiencing.

Well, to be honest, no one knows what is really going on and we haven’t gotten a full explanation of what the issue really is, and likely won’t ever.. All we know is that Fultz did not shoot weirdly in college, but does now.

The Sixers seem to now be fed up with it as well and while they were reportedly reluctant to include him in talks over the summer, they seem to be now.

Fultz, who isn’t practicing or playing, would also prefer a fresh start with a new team. He is also currently seeing specialists to see if there’s something wrong with his right shoulder. But reports from within the team suggest that it’s a psychological issue rather than a physical one.

On top of all that, Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that teammates are concerned about Fultz beyond just his basketball issues.


Fultz’s teammates are increasingly concerned about his overall well-being beyond his struggles on the court, league sources told ESPN. The organization has expressed its support as Fultz, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft, completes his consultations in the coming days.

Fultz, 20, has lost the ability to carry out and follow through on long jump shots, and there has been internal and external debate about how much of this perplexing circumstance is physical versus mental. He has missed the past four games.


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