Sixers Fans, Get Excited: Ben Simmons Is Out Here Draining Jumpers

Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP

Sixers Fans, Get Excited: Ben Simmons Is Out Here Draining Jumpers


Ben Simmons’ first two NBA seasons have been one of the best rookie and sophomore seasons in recent history. Everyone who was watching him play, knows that he could develop into a generational type of star. He’s got all the assets one needs to become that superstar in this league, besides a decent jumpshot.

This led to opponents not guarding Simmons’ three point shot at all, at times. Simmons still hasn’t made a three point shot in his NBA career, but this offseason, he’s putting his focus on his jumper and three point shot.

Teammates like Tobias Harris have already been praising Simmons’ newly acquired shot.


“He’s in the gym religiously every day, grinding and getting better. He’s in great shape. Everybody was trying to figure out why I was guarding him at the 3-point line. It was really because he hit two of them. When I dared him to shoot two of them, he hit two in a row, so that’s why I was there.

He’s made big improvements on his game. His jump shot’s looking good, he has confidence to shoot it. I just kept telling him there even in these workouts when you’re playing, have the confidence to shoot them and don’t get discouraged if you miss. This is where you build that type of confidence.”


A video of Simmons shooting in a game now has surfaced as well, and Philly fans can be excited after seeing it.


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