Shaquille O’Neal Shares Why He’s Always Been Critical Of Dwight Howard


Shaquille O’Neal is quite a character. He’s known for his humor, often doing wild and hilarious antics on TV while poking fun at those around him. However, when it comes to his opinions about basketball players, O’Neal can be quite blunt and harsh.

This aspect of O’Neal’s personality is widely recognized. Moreover, he appears to have a knack for focusing on fellow big men, with Rudy Gobert the latest to catch his eye. Eight-time All-Star Dwight Howard, however, remains a frequent target of O’Neal’s critiques.

Finally, on JJ Redick’s podcast, “The Old Man & The Three,” O’Neal finally addressed his criticisms of Howard. Surprisingly, he admitted to actually liking the former Orlando Magic center while explaining his reasons for the critiques.


“I have to like you to be able to say something about you. And I actually like Dwight… And sometimes I will add fuel to the fire to see what type of people they are.”


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