Shaquille O’Neal Raises Eyebrows With Comments About LeBron James’ Involvement In JJ Redick’s Hiring


In a recent episode of his podcast, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal made some surprising comments regarding LeBron James’ involvement in the hiring of JJ Redick as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Shaquille O’Neal, known for his candid and often controversial opinions, expressed doubt about Redick’s claim that he and LeBron James did not discuss the coaching job prior to Redick’s hiring. During his podcast, Shaq stated,


“Everything goes through LeBron at the Lakers. I know that for a fact because when you’re in that position as leadership, you get to know everything”.



He further emphasized that franchise players like LeBron are typically involved in major organizational decisions, making it hard to believe that LeBron had no say in Redick’s appointment.

Despite Shaq’s skepticism, he did acknowledge Redick’s professionalism in handling the situation. Redick maintained that he and LeBron did not discuss the job until after he was hired.


“It’s professional of him to say that ‘we didn’t talk about it,’ but yeah okay,” Shaq remarked, hinting at his disbelief.


Shaq’s comments have added fuel to the ongoing debate about the influence of star players in team decisions. While it is common for franchise players to have a say in significant moves, the extent of their involvement often remains a topic of contention. Shaq’s remarks suggest that LeBron’s influence within the Lakers organization is substantial, a sentiment echoed by many in the basketball community.

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